Wednesday, September 21


setelah hampir sebulan saya "berkampung " di HUSM (Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia) , well i gained lots of things bout my future career. 
but first of all, Alhamdulillah because my Hemangioma almost healed although it is slow healing process. need more patience.

thanks for those who prayed for my good health, called me, n came to visit me during my stay at hospital.
and also lots of thanks to all the nurses at 4TD ward. having good time in the ward. thanks for not giving me hard time during all the injections..:')
and the most important is special thanks to all the doctors who involved in my operation
~the ORL (ororhinolaryngheal) specialists
~the Radiologists
~the Anaesthetists : (they are cool-est doctors i've ever met)

i want to share some lessons i got

one of the doctors pernah tanya saya. "why do you choose this career (doctor)? "."best ke jadi dr ni?" and i laughed. saya tak jawab pun apa yang dia tanya.

and there is another doctor told to a nurse, " saya xkisah pun keje busy camni (start pukul 7 hingga pukul 8) sbb saya minat kak". and i smiled mendengar jawapan that dr.

during lunch time,one of the nurses said to an Indian dr, " dr nie rajin la..payah nak jumpa dr Melayu rajin mcm dr". and with humble, he replied,"takla kak.ramai je dr Melayu yg rajin."

masa saya berada di wad, there's one Chinese dr. He came very early to the ward, bout 6.45 am although senior doctors start round wad pkul 8.00 am.

and there's a group of senior doctors who are very kind. and one of them offers himself to give motivation talk to the Alexandrians. warmly welcomed him..:')

saya punya operation kan was during the Ramadhan. and dr nak ambil darah. and maybe dia nak uji saya kot,because he knew i'm studying in Egypt. " ermm,kalau ambil darah,batal tak puasa?"..:') after this,saya mmg kene fokus lebih dlam program Ibadah Pesakit yg dianjurkan pihak Perubatan. because ppl may refer to us.

a day before my operation
ORL specialists: "awak tahu kan prosedur esok camana kan?".i nodded."mula2 buat embolization,then baru masuk operation theatre". and i asked,"embolization tuh bahaya tak?". dr replied,"tak pun,sakit sikit je".relieved

Radiologists: " dr dtg nak cakap la sikit pasal proses embolization esok.Blablabla.then,awak tahu tak apa dia punya risks"."tak"."risks ; transient infarction,bleeding, and 5 % patient may experience stroke".shocked.

Anaesthetist 1: "dr nak dtg ambik maklumat,esok kite akan buat GA (general anaesthesia) before you masuk OT (ooperation theatre)".ok

Anaesthetist 2: "dr anaes yg dtang pagi tadi ade crite tak risk of embolization?". "ade and i takut yg part patient may get stroke.but 5% only kan?". "but,we don't know whether the 5% may include you and you must know stroke is blablabla.".OMG

Anaesthetist 3: (the cool-est dr).half an hour talked.then baru la masuk perbincagan pasal esok." so,brpe ramai anaes dtg jumpa hari ni?". "3". "so,how do you feel now?". "takut". "sbb?". "sbb all anaest dtg and membuatkan saya rase lagi takut nak masuk OT". then he laughed. "mmg la,anest mmg cam tuh.ktrang nie mmg take care lebih pasal awak. sbb after operation,kami yg handle awak bukan surgeons dah.tuh yg kami kene terang benda yg paling worst,so that awak takkan persoal if something bad happen". relieved